Clean these pet accessories regularly

Although we tend to bath and groom our pets regularly, there are a few of their accessories that we miss out on. Here’s a short list of things that are often missed, and why you should clean these pet accessories regularly.

clean these items

Why you should clean these items regularly

Ever wondered what that slimy substance on your dog’s water bowl is? Your pet has both helpful and harmful bacteria in their mouth, and the harmful type can make them pretty sick. We tend to not clean out food and water bowls as often as we should, especially if we’re feeding dry pet food.¬†Bacterial biofilm can build up over time, making surfaces slick and posing a health risk.

Pet toys, like pet bowls, tend to collect bacteria. Toys tend to build up bacteria quickly because of cracks and crevices, not to mention being dragged across the ground on a daily basis.

Grooming equipment is also on the list of things we forget to wash. Although these things do not often end up in a pet’s mouth, they do tend to collect microorganisms. Dog groomers especially should take care to correctly sanitise their equipment as it decreases the spread of disease.

Leashes and collars are the last item on this list. Clean collars and leashes to ensure that they don’t cause irritation to your furry buddy. Regular cleaning also ensures that potentially harmful microorganisms like fungus and bacteria are also removed.

Just take a few minutes to rinse and disinfect these pet accessories with a solution like VetMed. It will drastically decrease the amount of potentially harmful microorganisms on them. Keep an eye out for our more in-depth look at how to clean these items properly.

As ever, VetMed is here to help, so if you feel the need to stock up on our products, you can get in contact with us here.