How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

If you notice your dog shaking their head often, it may be time to clean your dog’s ears. Keeping your dog’s ears sparkling clean can prevent ear infections, reduce your dog’s desire to scratch, and helps you better monitor your dog’s ear health. Plus, when you clear out the build-up dirt, and debris in your dog’s ears, your dog can hear all the sweet things you have to say to them more easily.

To assist you in the process, we created a helpful guide on cleaning your dog’s ears. So, grab your cotton balls, antimicrobial ear wash liquid, and a few towels and get started!

Why Do Clean Ears Matter?

Your dog’s sense of hearing helps your dog navigate the world around them. From locating squirrels to knowing when you pull into the driveway, your dog’s ears matter! When your dog’s ears are free of wax and dirt, you will find your dog:

How to Clean Your Dog's Ears Safely

Keep Your Dog’s Ears Squeaky Clean and Healthy!

Remember to rinse and dry your dog’s ears every week or so for the best results. And in time, you’ll be cleaning your dog’s ears like a pro. While your dog may not know how to thank you, you’ll be thankful that your dog is less likely to suffer from dog hot spots, ear infections, and itchy ears.

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